About Us

Welcome to Studio Thirty!


We are an independent business creating small batch scented candles and wax melts hand-poured in our home studio in Surrey. Our products capture relaxing scent combinations, and provide a luxurious melt, and great scent throw in rooms.

We strive to be an eco-conscious business with a focus on using sustainable ingredients and packaging. Our candles are made from a natural blend of coconut and rapeseed wax which and our melts are made from soy wax; both waxes are vegan friendly.

Our Discovery Collection consists of 8 signature scents, perfect for every mood and every room.  Whether you favour florals, spice, fruits or woody aromas, there is a Studio Thirty scent to suit you and compliment your own home space. We've drawn inspiration from our travels, culture, nature and our personal memories to create something beautiful to share with you.


Our brand is simple, mindful and  fun. Our products are perfect to compliment your home space, or to gift to a loved one.